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Personalise your hand crafted barrel or bar gift to create a unique & memorable gift.

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Age Gracefully: One-of-a-Kind Australian-crafted Oak barrels and Bar Gifts for Sale

Looking to add a touch of class to your home, or give the perfect occasion gift such as wedding/21st birthday gift? Gift Factory Brisbane offers a range of engraved bar gifts and oak barrels that are perfect for dispensing beautifully aged wines & spirits, or simply impressing guests with their understated style and sophistication.
The utmost attention has gone into their crafting, resulting in a product that will do more than add character to a room; they will add flavour to your drink. Add your favourite wine or spirit to our American white oak barrels to add flavours, colour and Aroma to a tipple you already love.

As Brisbane’s premier personalised birthday gift provider, we don’t limit our collection to Oak barrels. We also design personalised glassware sets as well as a whole range occasion gifts such as 21st and wedding gifts.

Oak barrels from Brisbane’s finest personalised gift & engraving merchant

Quality Hand Crafted
Each oak barrel, bourbon barrel  is hand crafted from American white oak using traditional methods, and hand finished in Australia. Our craftsmen take great care to retain the natural imperfections and characteristics of the Oakwood. As a result, each one is authentic and no two are the same.

Customise your barrel or bar gift with one of our designs, or send us your custom design

Fastidious attention and care is paid with precision engraving using state of the art in house laser engraving technology, however every piece of Oak is unique therefore the darkness of the engraving is authentically uncontrollable, examples of the variance in engraving darkness can be viewed in our Gallery.

Flavour for sale, direct from us

Each barrel is medium charred on the inside to impart oak flavours, aromas & colouring to your wine or spirit. For best results, store in a humid place where it is not exposed to sunlight or heat. The time required to age your beverage depends on your personal taste. This can be anywhere from a few months to three years. Ageing a wine or spirit in an oak barrel has the effect of transmitting the taste of the charred white oak to your drink.

Traditional methods

Not all barrels are made equal. Our products are hand crafted using traditional methods, and will seal naturally by filling them with water, waterlogging each wooden stave and expanding them into the metal rings until all wooden joints are closed. Our barrels are genuine therefore do not contain bladders, wax, paint or glue on the inside.

The Gift Factory Brisbane only offers oak barrels for sale in Australia that are made to the highest standards. Our barrels are assembled by experienced coopers, so you know you’re getting nothing but the best quality in your product. Perfect for when you need a truly personalised wedding or 21st gift, our oak barrels and bar gifts constantly impress.

If you’re looking for other personalised gifts, like whiskey glass sets, beer mugs, or stubby holders, you have come to the right place.

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Product Categories

Personalised oak barrelsBarrels

Personalise your Oak Barrel with any name and established date or birth date for décor, or to serve or age your favourite spirit or wine.

Brass TapsGift Sets

For connoisseurs of Wines & Spirits this glass giftset range is available in a range of Personalised designs. The matching engraved presentation box makes for a memorable gift for any occasion.

Personalised clocksCoffee barrels

Handcrafted from light weight Paulownia wood and constructed to breath & release the gasses that freshly roasted Coffee Beans will emit. Available in a range of Personalised designs making this the perfect gift for any coffee lover

Beer Mug Bar DesignBeer Mugs

Gift Factory Beer Mugs are made from high quality Oakwood, and include a FOOD SAFE stainless steel lining.

Available Designs

Custom Design Service Available

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