How do I best maintain my barrel?

How do I best maintain my barrel?

SEAL YOUR BARREL IMMEDIATELY to avoid cracking¬†. Once sealed the Barrels are best stored in a cool damp environment, this will keep the exterior from drying out and minimize evaporation. In the event that you have allowed your barrel to dry out you should attempt to re-cure the barrel. If it continues leaking, submerge the barrel in water for a couple of days. After it’s been submerged, dry the exterior with a towel and fill it with water to see if it continues to leak. If so, find the leak and apply barrel wax to the hole… If you can’t stop the leaking… cut in half and use as a planter! With proper care, you can use your barrel for 8 to 10 years. Following the cleaning instructions will insure a long life for your product. check the content level monthly and make sure the content never falls below 30% to be sure to¬†not let your barrel dry out.

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