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Oak Wine & Spirit Maturing barrels

Oak Wine Barrels For Sale in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Beyond
Gift Factory offers a wide range of hand-crafted empty wine, spirit & bourbon barrels for your home or business, with a number of customisable options available. These aesthetic barrels are miniature, fully functional replicas of those used to age wine and spirits, and will help enhance the flavour and build the value of your beverages after just a few months of maturing. They can even be used purely for serving drinks with an authentic touch!
Hand-crafted wine and bourbon barrels with custom designs
The best part? We’re able to finish yours off with a custom engraving in any style you like. Our popular vintage and retro themes include nautical, distillery, cellar, family, wedding, man cave, corporate, bar and much more. If you fancy your own design skills, upload a black & white custom design with your order and we’ll get it done!

You can add a brass tap, brass banding or rustic black steel banding to complement the design, and we also have a plain option available for those who wish to forgo any customisation and stick with the bare appeal of the oak.
A range of sizes available when you order our oak barrels online
Gift Factory’s range of barrels comes a range of sizes: 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L and even 50L. Because liquor ages faster in small wine barrels, it’s a good idea to consider a smaller size if you aren’t working with big quantities. This allows you to enjoy a couple of bottles within a few months, rather than waiting for it to age in a larger barrel.

Whether you want to jazz up your bar or home cellar, enjoy some aged beverages or give a unique gift, browse our wooden wine barrels available for delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and anywhere else in Australia and you’ll find something that meets your needs. Be sure to check out our coffee bean barrels and our range of other products.

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